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My holidayfavourite.com

Terms property owner

Dear Landlord!

We are happy you chose to advertise your holiday rental property on our Myholidayfavourite.com Website.


According to Decreto 92/2009 in Spain the property-owner of a house, which is used for tourist purposes, is obliged to obtain the permission for rent.
The owners, who are advertising on our web-site are obliged to comply with the laws of each country.

Myholidayfavourite.com is willing to assist the owner in obtaining the permission and to transmit the necessary documents.

Myholidayfavourite.com is obliged in accordance with the Order HAC/612/2021 to provide an informative list of rental income
to the tax office (modelo 179).


In case that the holiday home is located on the Costa Blanca, the installation and the taking of professional photos will be carried out by Myholidayfavourite.com. Upon request, the owner receives an access code and can make entries and changes himself.

Myholidayfavourite.com also takes care of the activation on other good Internet portals and the support of tenant inquiries up to the conclusion of the rental contract without additional costs.

Myholidayfavourite.com  overtake the care of the tenants queries up to the lease conclusion. [Nbsp]

The supervision of the rent payments is carried out by Myholidayfavourite.com with free of charge.
The rental payments will be forwarded to the owner immediately after receipt of payment.

But as well the property-owner can charge the rental prices directly to his own account. In this case
Myholidayfavourite.com will then charge the commission to the owner.

Myholidayfavourite.com works in team with responsible caretakers as well for cleaning and take over the
tenants at arrival and departure.

The cost of the pre-cleaning of the house must be paid by the owner. [Nbsp]

But as well the owner can even provide himself suitable caretaker if he wish.

Classified Ad

The installation of your holiday home on our website is free. We at Myholidayfavourite.com are charging a commission only after successful placement of tenants.
The commission is:  12 % + VAT (= 14,52 € included VAT)

Myholidayfavourite.com requires a booking fee from the tenants in the amount of 42 € (included VAT) in addition to the commission from the landlord.

Expiration of the reservation

As soon as a prospective renter fills out the application form and the indication of the area and the lodging, the information will be emailed to the landlord.
You will then have to immediately confirm by telephone or email the reservation possibilities. 
The tenant then will receive an invoice and instruction of your bank account for the money transfer.
The tenant will confirm the conditions of the contract, that were sent by us, by making the deposit.

These can be found on the web site under the item „rental contract".

The pre-payment is between 30 - 40 %, which must be paid by the tenant immediately.
The rest is to pay 4-6 weeks before arrival.
The owner also has the opportunity to take the entire rental payments himself. In this case My Urlaubsfavorit.com then provides a commission calculation.
My Urlaubsfavorit.com retains the pro rata commission from the respective arrival and remaining payment.

Customer Protection

For Myholidayfavourite.com exists a customer protection; if a tenant wishes to book a house directly with the owner, the same should inform us in order to be able to conclude the booking process". For this "regular customers" the commission will be due.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to put a link to your own web-site on the web-site of Myholidayfavourite.com - or to contact the tenant privately.

Discharge from Contract

In case the landlord has to withdraw from the lease agreement, he will be liable to pay damages to the tenant ie assume the difference to a possible higher rent the tenant might choose. The commission for myholidayfavourite.com will still be due.

Layout Maintenance availabilty schedule, text and pictures

In case the landlord makes own reservations, we should be immediately informed so that we can enter it into the occupancy schedule to avoid double bookings. 
Reservations, taken by myholidayfavourite.com are given priority.

The property-owner can maintain the web-site of his house itself (if he wish). He can change text and insert images or exchange. He must ensure that he has received the permission to publish the pictures online, which he has posted. Possible claims for damages for unauthorized use is up to the owner. He is fully liable for damages towards Myholidayfavourite.com.

Rental Property Conditions

The landlord is required, to hand over the property to myholidayfavourite.com in perfect conditions.
If the property has a pool or garden, then there must be available a caretaker. 


If you want to offer your holiday-house on the german and spanish website of Myholidayfavourite.com, too, the translation is free of charges.


The activity of Myholidayfavourite.com is only a mediating one. We assume no liability for possible damages caused by the tenants.