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Rental agreement

Leasing Contract for the Vacation House

Arrival and Departure

Arrival day and time,at the house, as specified in the booking form (usually at 17.00 hr.) and the departure will be (usually at 10.00 hr.) if not other wise specified, because between 10.00 hr. and 17.00 hr, the house will be cleaned and prepared for the next tenants.

In case of changes to the above agreement, please contact the person responsible for handing over the keys to the person on contract (tel. Nr. and information on file of the tenant).

Arrival should not be later than 21.00 hr. A later time should be approved by the landlord. Maybe its to pay a extra fee.

At the end of the contract the tenants must vacate the premises. If the tenant does not vacate the premises in a timely manner, the landlord has the rights to charge an amount equal to three times the original price for the days when the premises should have been vacated.  Furthermore the tenant has the responsibility to compensate the next tenant that was going to move into the premises.

The Tenant is aware that there it is a short vacation rental and the lodging should not be used for extended living purposes.


On the invoice will be stated whether the tenant receives the keys in Spain or whether they will be sent by mail.

In case of delivering the keys by mail, they will be mailed approximately one week before the beginning of the tenancy.

At the end of the vacation the keys should be returned to the person responsible for the house or send back by mail.


Complaints regarding the cleaning will only be taken in consideration if made immediately (the same day, or if rented for the week-end, on the following Monday). It will be decided at the moment if it should be cleaned again.

The tenant cannot hold in the expensis for cleaning.

If the guest sould make a complaint, without a post cleaninig  inspection, and made a  claim of financial compensation, the only remuneration allowed would be by providing a cleaning lady to clean the house again at the landlord standards. A later claim will not be recognized.  

In the case of non-payment of the deposit and final cleaning, the tenant does not receive the keys of the house.

The contract will then be treated as canceled. A refund of the rental is not given.



When signing the contract we require a deposit. The reservation is only valid after cleraring of the funds by the landlord.

If the deposit is not received at least 7 days after confirmation was received, the landlord is free to rent the premises to other prospective clients.

In the event that the final payment after 2 reminders per e-mail is not received, the owner has a right of cancelation. In this case, the tenant lose the pre-payment.

For the tenant the resignation clause specified hereunder enters into effect with this notice.

The tenant bears the cost of transfer. Please pay in Euro.

If the bank charges the landlord transfer fees, they will be charged to the deposit of the tenant.

The pre-payment is 40 %, the rest-payment of 60 % is to pay 6 weeks before arrival.

Travel cancellation

If for any reason the journey should be cancelled , the landlord is entitled to receive, in writing,  notice of cancellation. In this case the reimbursement will be calculated as follows:

From the day of the contract until 75 days before the trip it is to pay 40% of travel fare, at least  180 Euro (in the event of a deposit of 50% , then 20% would be refunded)

From 75 days to 45 daysbefore travel 50% of the fare.

From 45 days before travel 100% of the fare.

The tenant is entitled to bring an additional tenant. In this case, however, an additiona of 15% will be required (at least 180 Euro).

In case the landlord for important reasons, has to withdraw from the contract, he will pay damages to the tenant. In the event that the tenant would be renting a different premise, the landlord will be responsible for the payment.

The landlord is entitled to offer three other houses of similar facilities in the same price range. If the tenant refuse this offer, the owner is exempt from damage compensation.


The tenant can not termiante the contract if he does not like  the premises.

Legal liabilities:

There can not be made a claim for compensation for loss of water and hydro. The landlord is not responsibla of failure of technical and electrical equipment of any kind (but he is compelled to fix or replace the failing equipment, as soon as possible).  There will be no liability for the overall quality of drinking water.

The landlord is not responsible for damages or accidents occurred within and outside the house and the pool. The tenant will use the house, property and pool (if available) at his own risk!

The landlord is not liable for lost or reduced vacation quality and damage due to theft, power failure, burst water mains, noise from neighbors or works, storms and its consequences or for local and customary and local interference by force majeure, animals, pollution and other specific national causes.

The amount for which the landlord could be liable will never be higher than the rental payment.

If there are any problems at the house, they should be communicated to the owner or a designated person, within 24 hours after taking possession of the premises.  In case that the existing deficiencies are not reported, they will be debited to the tenant's account.

Tenant's responsibilities

The tenant agrees to treat the rented house with respect and  keep it clean and tidy during his stay. Possible damages should be immediately communicated to the landlord or administrastor. The costs of replacement, minus the depreciation,  will be charged to the tenant in case he is responsible for the damages.

The tenant is responsible for the daily cleaning of the premises and the grounds (if available).

At departure, the house should be returned in good standing and reasonably clean.

The dishes, the oven and the grill should be left clean.

The tenant should also dispose of the garbage.

The tenant is liable for damages caused by  dereliction of duty (i.e. blinds and umbrellas not closed when the wind is blowing).

The tenants are advised to have an appropriate liability insurance, that includes renting damages.

It is not allowed to bring glasses and bottles (because of risk of injury) and animals (for hygenic reasons) at the pool (if available) . The tenant is liable for damages at the pool filter unit, caused by animal hair or other objects.

It is forbidden in Spain (because of the scarcity of water) to leave the pool water running, Mechanical and installations changes to the pool equipment may be done only by the pool service representative.

During the stay at the houses or dwellings two family houses, located in tourist resorts, the corresponding house rules and regulations should be abeided. 

Allocation Capacity

Only the booked number of people are permitted. Number allowed. In case of  additional over the limit guest, the landlord has the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect or to charge an appropriate amount.

The overnight stay of a day visitor had to be approved by the landlord or house supervisor.  It may incurr a surcharge.


In case the tenat wants to bring a dog, he should ask the landlord for permission. The tenant has to make sure that the beds, sofas and the pool are not used and doors are not damaged. The garden should be cleaned by any dog droppings. The tenant will be liable for damages possibly caused by the dog.

Bad animal behavior can lead to immediate termination. without notice, of the contract (because in some houeses there are  problems with „Allergies").  The rent will not be refunded.

A dog liability insurance should be purchased, (if one does not exist) to cover the rental damages. 

Before the trip, the dog or the cat should be „de-flead" (for consideration for the next tenant). 

In case of villas with swimming pool and garden

The pool caretaker and gardener have anytime admittance to the plot.
The pool will be cleaned 1 or 2 x weekly.

Area of Jurisdiction

Area of Jurisdiction is the country of residence of the landlord.